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Mobile Spy: Windows Mobile

Answers to frequently asked questions about Mobile Spy for Windows Mobile devices.

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Does Mobile Spy show up in the task manager?

No, Mobile Spy does not show up in the Windows Mobile Task Manager on the phone.

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Is Mobile Spy compatible on Pocket PC’s running Windows Mobile?

Yes, the software is also compatible with Pocket PC based devices that are also phones. Some Pocket PC’s are not phones, and Mobile Spy would not record properly. But if your Pocket PC is also a phone, then yes it would be compatible.

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How do I change the logging settings?

To change logging settings, you would need to dial up the interface. Using the secret key sequence, just dial #123456789* and hit send. Then wait for the log in screen to appear. The call will disconnect. Then select the monitoring options you want and when you are finished, select hide to hide the program.

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What do I do if I am getting an invalid login message on my phone?

You might have recently changed your password inside your Mobile Spy account. The phone will need to be told the new password inside the interface. The next time you are to log into the interface, you will need to use the new password and Save the change. If this is not the case, then your trial period or subscribed period has expired.

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How do I remove the Windows Mobile software?

To remove Mobile Spy from a Windows Mobile device, first you will need to bring up the interface on the phone. Then, tap Options. Next, select Uninstall. Once the uninstall process is complete, simply reboot the phone. Here is the process as listed on Retina-X Studios, LLC’s website:

Removing Mobile Spy From A Windows Mobile Device

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