.AT Domains

.AT is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Austria. It is administered by NIC.AT..AT is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Austria. It is administered by NIC.AT.

  • Country: Austria
  • Usage: Can be used for commercial and personal sites
  • Language: German

The domain registration in Austria started in 1988 when the Top Level Domain .at was delegated to the University of Vienna. During the next 10 years, the University also served as .at registry. The initially severe delegation rules were liberealised in 1997 – this fact explains the abrupt rise of delegation numbers. One year later, nic.at took over the registration and administration of .at-domains.

Why register .AT?

The .AT domains can be freely used by anyone for creating catchy domain names (so called domain hacks) that represent popular ‘at’ idioms such as ‘look.at’, ‘great.at’, ‘focussed.at’, etc. In addition, since many English words end in -at, using an .AT domain extension you can get a memorable one-word domain, such as cars.at, hosting.at, many.at, mom.at/home, mom.at/work etc., that is otherwise taken with the popular generic TLDs.

.AT second-level domains

The .AT domain also supports second-level domains such as .CO.AT, intended for companies, and .OR.AT, targeted at organizations, with no restriction on the type of business or activity exerted by the registrants. As of Saturday, August 11, 2012, Internet Verwaltungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. shows the following domain statistic:

Domain registrations | Total

Domains Count Percent
.at 1.121.693 96,54%
.co.at 32.422 2,79%
.or.at 7.791 0,67%
Total 1.161.906 100,00%
including IDN 28.317 2,44%


Domain Specific Policies and Practices

Various registries have policies for things like citizenship or residency requirements, and procedures that must be followed for things like registrations, transfers, and payments. Concerning .AT domain names you’ll find that documentation and information listed below.


  • Available to anyone.
  • Registrar and registrant transfers require confirmation from the registrant, either by replying to a confirmation email from the registry or with a fax confirmation.
  • There is no charge for registrant transfers, and the registration term does not change.
  • Completed registrar transfers add one year to the registration term.
  • Domains that are not renewed are removed from SRS 28 days prior to expiry. At that time, they become the sole responsibility of the registrant. They still remain active at the registry, and auto-renew by default. If they do not cancel their domain before the “28 Days Prior” date, THE REGISTRANT IS RESPONSIBILE FOR PAYING THE REGISTRY FOR THE RENEWAL.
  • Cancelling an AT name requires signed documentation from the registrant.
  • AT names removed from SRS can be recovered by submitting a registrar-transfer order.

AT DNS Requirements
AT Cancellation form
AT Registrar-Transfers form
AT Change of Owner form