.TV Domains

.TV was made for websites with video.

.TV was made for websites with video.

Originally the ccTLD for Tuvalu, .TV is now operated by VeriSign and registration is open to anyone. A .TV domain name is the best way to announce that a site has video or other rich media, like animation, audio or streaming content. From the web address alone, users know what to expect: playable content and an engaging online experience.

Why register .TV?

A .TV domain name provides:

  • Instant association with video and rich media content.
  • A greater chance of securing the domain name of your choice.
  • A distinct, memorable web address.
  • The perfect complement to a .com or .net web site.

Internet users are increasingly taking advantage of simple, easy to use tools that allow them to publish video content to the web. Hosting that content under a .tv domain makes perfect sense. If you are creating and hosting video content online, we encourage you to do it under a .TV domain.

Internet users, including our customers, are creating more and more video content. This five-part video series has been commissioned to help our customers create compelling video content.

Creating Compelling Web Video

In this five-part series viewers will learn how to make video content that stands out from the crowd. Each video looks at a different aspect of creating good video content, from choosing the right hardware, to how to write and shoot quality content, to how to edit and make video available online.

Episodes included:

  1. Choosing hardware
  2. Prepping your content
  3. Shooting tips
  4. Editing tips
  5. Sharing your video