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Answers to frequently asked questions about Mobile Spy for iPhone.

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If I upgrade the firmware on the iPhone, will it remove Mobile Spy?

Yes, whenever you upgrade the firmware on the iPhone, it will remove all programs and utilities associated with jailbroken software. This will include Mobile Spy and Cydia.

You should not upgrade firmware until you have time to re-jailbreak your device and make sure that firmware version can be jailbroken. Apple, lately, has been working on creating firmware versions that cannot be jailbroken. Make sure if you plan to upgrade that a reliable jailbreaking method for that firmware is available.

So if you upgrade the iPhone’s firmware and it can be jailbroken, simply re-jailbreak the device and reinstall the software through Cydia.

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How do I remove Mobile Spy from an iPhone?

To remove Mobile Spy from an iPhone, go into Cydia and tap Manage, then Packages and scroll down to Smartphone and tap that entry. Then tap Remove at the top right corner, then Confirm. Cydia will then uninstall Mobile Spy from the iPhone.

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Will anything be erased if I install Mobile Spy?

No, all SMS messages, call records, photos, apps, music, etc. will not be deleted or affected by installing Mobile Spy. Also, the phone’s performance will not be affected by using Mobile Spy.

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How do I reset the Mobile Spy password for iPhone?

To reset the password on iPhone, you would first reset your password to a new password inside your online control panel. Then, you would bring up the interface on the iPhone itself and log in with the user name and new password. Mobile Spy will save that new information so the logs go to the correct account.

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Can I delete the Cydia icon?

No, you cannot delete the Cydia icon off of the springboard. Instead of deleting the Cydia icon, you should just hide it. You can hide the Cydia icon and Smartphone icon directly from the Mobile Spy interface. Here’s the page on Retina-X Studios, LLC’s website that explains the process:

The section about hiding the icons is #7 under Accessing & configuring the interface (towards the very bottom of the page).

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How do I jailbreak the iPhone?

Retina-X Studios, LLC’s staff does not provide support for the jailbreak process due to that this process is not their product, process, or design. You must jailbreak the iPhone on your own.

Here is a highly-recommended website with complete instructions on how to jailbreak each model and firmware of the iPhone:

iClarified’s Guide For Jailbreaking The iPhone

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How do I bring up the interface on an iPhone?

To bring up the Mobile Spy interface, bring up the Dialer and dial **54321. The springboard will reload and the “Smartphone” icon will be visible. Tap on that icon and the Mobile Spy interface will appear.

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