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Mobile Spy: Android

Answers to frequently asked questions about Mobile Spy for Android devices.

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How do I download Mobile Spy for Android?

For the exact steps and setup instructions, please visit this page:

Android Download & Installation

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Will Mobile Spy be visible on the Android?

No, Mobile Spy runs in complete stealth and will not be visible to the user. The interface of the program can only be accessed by dialing the access PIN number. And there is no icon that will appear on the Home screen of the phone.

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What version of the Android OS am I running to know which Mobile Spy version to use?

To check to see what version of the Android OS is installed on the phone, go to your Settings menu, then the About Phone tab, then scroll down to the Firmware Version field. This is the version of the operating system installed on the phone.

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How do I bring up the interface for Mobile Spy?

To bring up the Mobile Spy interface on an Android device, bring up the Dialer and dial *12345# and hit Send. The phone will dial that number and then bring up the interface. To configure Mobile Spy inside the interface, follow this link on what each logging menu and option can do:

Android Interface & Setup

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How do I remove Mobile Spy from my Android phone?

To remove Mobile Spy from an Android device, please refer to this page in our user guide for detailed steps:

How To Uninstall Mobile Spy From An Android Device

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