Web Hosting

Our dedicated server is Powered by Apache and includes the programs FrontPage 97, 98, 2000 or 2002 (Having FP on a server can interfere with advanced functions such as servlets although PHP4 and MySQL do work with our FrontPage 2002), Java, Javascript, Java Servlets, MySQL, Perl 5.008004, and PHP 4.3.10. Find a current and complete listing at our example domain DomainExample.com generated by PerlDiver Version 1.1 (this handy script searches your web host’s @INC directory, that is, the directory that PERL and related modules are installed in, and lets you know what’s on your server which is available for your use). Perl Diver by Tintagel Consulting, LLC also tells you the location of perl, the perl executable, your path to sendmail and other useful information.

Our Domain Hosting Account Plans give you plenty of space to start out to test the water or to mirror a domain adfree. We don’t want to limit the growth of your site so we offer the largest amount of space we can for a very affordable price. Should your web site outgrow your current account plan at one point we can easely upgrade your plan. Contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions.