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To run Mobile Spy your device needs an active Internet connection so it can upload logs to your account. If you don’t have an Internet connection there is no way to utilize the software. Therefore the software must verify the connection before it begins monitoring.

If your software is saying your Internet connection failed, the most likely cause is your account with your phone carrier does not include Internet access. You can contact your carrier to have them turn on the Internet for your account. This should be the same phone number that will be monitored.

If you do have Internet through your carrier, check to see if you are able to access the website in the web browser of the BlackBerry. If not then either your Internet access is not turned on yet from your carrier OR your Internet settings are incorrect.

Many carriers require certain files be sent to your phone to enable the internet. This is done automatically but can take up to 24 hours for your carrier to send the files. Taking the battery out of the phone and then restarting it is a good way to try and force the download of the required files from your carrier. In most cases this is not needed because the files are already present on the phone.

You can also connect to Wifi to get Internet access. However remember that if you only have Wifi access, then logs will not be able to upload until another Wifi connection is made.

Anytime you are able to load the website on the phone then your Internet connection should verify and you will be able to begin using the software.

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