We Have a New Look…

You’ve probably noticed that DomainDomino™ has a new look, but that’s not all that’s new. We’ve upgraded (or are still in the process of upgrading) just about everything, from our search tools to our account control panels etc. Already missing the old DomainDomino.com? Don’t worry, you still have all the great tools like before, they may just look a little bit different. We’ve also included (or still will include) a lot of new features and content that will help you find the right domain for your project or business. And we’ll try to focus on simplicity so some previous features or old content we are going to scrap (including some of our hosting accounts while we may add new plans better suited to accommodate today’s market). We want to make it easy, and straight forward, and to the point for you!

The DomainDomino™ Staff